FAQs | Pickled Garlic With Hot Peppers

How many calories and sodium are in your product?
Please view the nutrition label at right.

How long is it good for?
There is a “best by” date stamped on the jar. After this date, the product will still be safe; it will just lose its quality. Must be refrigerated after opening.

Some of the cloves in my jar are green or blue-what’s up with that?
Sometimes the cloves react with the pickling brine and turn green or blue. They still taste the same and are safe, just not eye-appealing. Other green cloves may just be immature garlic, also harmless!

When I opened my jar, there were cloves on top not covered by liquid. What happened?
As the jars sit, the garlic absorbs the brine and can leave some cloves on top uncovered. We cannot put more brine in the jar than we do, and the top cloves will still be tasty!

How spicy is this garlic?
Everyone has a different heat scale so this is hard to say. There are three jalapeno rings in each jar, along with some mild cayenne pepper. It will not fry your mouth when you eat it. It actually has a sweet flavor, not too sour, not too salty. It is best to try a clove to see where it fits with your taste buds!

The liquid is leaking out of the jar and I haven’t opened it yet, is it OK?
NO!!! If you see evidence of ANY liquid leaking out of the jar, DO NOT EAT IT. There may be a crack in the jar, or the seal on the lid may be broken. These things can happen during production, shipping, stocking, etc. Please contact me using the contact information below:

Contact us:
By mail: Jalapena Nina’s, 14565 Knolls Rd, Mason, WI 54856
By e-mail: garlic@jalapenaninas.com