Jalapena Nina’s is closing at the end of 2018.  Product available until it’s gone!  🙂

Jalapena Nina’s Spicy Pickled Garlic | Jalapeno Pickled California Garlic Cloves

Some people just love garlic. Lots of garlic! I come from a garlic-obsessed family. This tasty pickled garlic recipe came about when trying to figure out what to do with extra garlic. When friends came by, they snacked on these spicy stunners and took some home to add to their drinks and food. Demand to share became high so I began making Jalapena Nina’s Spicy Pickled Garlic commercially to stimulate the taste buds of all garlic lovers.

Lovingly made (and enjoyed) by PEOPLE!

Jalapena Nina’s spicy pickled garlic is produced in smaller batches with quality California garlic cloves and hand-packed by people, not machines. Eating a Jalapena Nina’s spicy pickled garlic is NOT like eating raw garlic. These stunners have a sweet flavor, not too sour, not too salty.

Where can YOU use a little spice…?

These marinated California grown garlic cloves can kick up your salads, dips, meat, pasta, pizza, Bloody Mary, martini, or be enjoyed alone like a pickle. They are low in calories and fat, yet high in good taste! Some people believe they are healthy for you too! One clove and you’ll be hooked.